Monday, August 26, 2013

Week Eight - Antique Quilt!

Here is a quilt that I took to my son, given to him by his grandmother, and made by her grandmother. That would be five generations ago. It is in excellent condition!
 Up close.
 This would be a fun quilt to reproduce!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Week Seven - Quilt 0 - Family Time!

No quilts were made this week. We had our grandchildren visit and then went to see our son and his wife so here are a few pics. 

 After all, these visits are priceless and I can always quilt later.
I knew when I began this challenge that there would be weeks I would not have a quilt but I still wanted to see what the overall picture could be in a year. I am so blest to have my dear family and share these moments!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Week Six - Quilt Six - Not So Easy Street!

This was Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt for 2012, beginning right after Thanksgiving. She called it Easy Street - I named mine otherwise. It is a really large bed quilt, and I altered the borders to fit a queen bed with a large drop. I used the same color scheme as Bonnie.
 It's really quite a nice pattern set on point but the outer triangles are pieced so it's a little hard to tell.
 My favorite color used was the turquoise so I did the larger border in that fabric.
All ready to take off the long arm.
 Completely quilted - queen size.
Miles of binding all sewn down!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Week Five - Quilt Five - Rocky Mountain Puzzle!

This is the Rocky Mountain Puzzle SBOW from Primitive Gatherings for 2012. Yes, it is now FINISHED, bound and ready for the Pieceful Hearts Quilt Show in October.
 Wow, this was a challenge for me - all these half square triangles, even sewn with Thangles, but if you just keep on sewing, it will get done!
 The best motivator were the beautiful reproduction fabrics! A surprise package every week that was so pretty!
 Instead of doing a traditional baptist fan pattern, I used a pantograph called Random Clams, which sort of gave it that look but had a slightly contemporary flair.

And now it's all bound and ready for the show! So worth the effort!