Monday, December 22, 2014

Quilts 32 & 33!

 I took scraps from Lacey's baby quilt and made this quilt for a baby girl. It's always amazing how many scraps you have left over, isn't it?
 Here it is quilted with some hearts and daisies!
 Then, scraps still left, I made this dolly quilt for Lacey for Christmas. She loves her baby dolls and always has several in her crib at night with her.
I used a soft minkie for the back. 

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Quilt 31 - A Cat for Dana!

An 8" quilt for a friend's 70th birthday. Our group makes birthday quilts for special years and this time, it will be small quilts all attached to each other. Can you tell? She loves cats!
Don't know why but I always like to see the backs of quilts!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Quilt 30 - Quick Medallion Quilt!

Using another one of those easy patterns from Villa Rosa Designs, I made this quilt rather quickly. 

 Of course, combining all these fun fabrics was the best part!!
 Then deciding which to use for the center . . .
I went with this combination.
 All ready to quilt.  .  .
And completed with the machine sewn binding. 

Monday, August 4, 2014

Quilts 25 - 29! Charity Quilts!

 These are scraps left from Under the Big Top that I made last summer for a great nephew.
 This is a charity quilt and I also have learned a neat way to sew the binding on entirely by machine. 
Here is a close up!!
 These are leftover pieces from the Chevron quilt I made for another great nephew earlier this year.
 What shall I do??
 I am pretty fond of strippy quilts so I started putting pieces in rows, cutting up a few larger pieces and all of a sudden I had a cool finished quilt!
 I am afraid my binding stretched the edges a little. 
I like this basket weave pantograph for this quilt, giving it a contemporary feel to go along with the colors.
And here is another machine sewn binding!
 I used the above pattern for the next three quilts. So quick and easy and cool results!
 Again, leftover fabrics from a quilt I made last year. Isn't it amazing how much fabric is leftover sometimes, even from a kit?!
 Another machine sewn binding. . .
 more details. . .
and, a pieced back - just happened to have these fabrics in the closet, waiting for a use.
 This began with a pile of scraps as I was cleaning out my closet and giving fabric away a couple of weeks ago.
 I began pressing it, cutting it up in rectangles, added some fun polka dots and bright fabrics and all of a sudden I had two more baby quilts made.
 I used swirls on both of them - one a pantograph and one freehand. The above quilt binding was a bright turquoise.
 I did buy this cool backing drastically reduced at a quilt shop as I realized the colors were perfect for these quilt tops in the making.
 Looks like this is the pantograph!
 Finished with a binding of sunflowers like the back!

Back two! Whew, I think I'll take a break and rest!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Quilt 24 - Construction Quilt 2

It's been a year now since I began this blog to see how many quilts I could get done and reduce my stash. I did not make a quilt a week but I have completed 23 quilts. One of the quilts listed took about a week but it was strictly quilting for someone else.

So, has my stash been reduced in size? It does not look like it from my closest picture, yet it must have been because of the finished quilts. I have made and shared several quilts with others which was one of my goals. I will continue to work on the stash this coming year and keep posting!
I have started some more projects and bought more fabric. An endless cycle I guess but this blog helps me keep up with what I have done and that is good.

Here is the most recent quilt.
 It is the second "Construction Quilt" - quilted a little differently and I pieced the back with leftover flannels I had from some other quilts. Just barely had enough but it will make a soft warm back.

I also went back to sewing my binding first by machine then by hand. I just can't seem to master the all machine binding yet. Maybe I'll give it another try some day.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Quilt 23 - A Trip to the Zoo!

 This is another quick baby quilt, Mojave, by Villa Rosa Designs. These little postcards are inexpensive - $2.00 and yet have all the quilt information you need if you are not a beginner quilter.
 This quilt was super simple and a kit I bought last year in Florida.
Here is a sample of my machine binding for both sides - I need to work on it a little - I'm trying to save my fingers and handwork for all my appliqué projects that I do by hand.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Quilt 22 - Scrappy String Bars

 I got the idea for this quilt from Gwen Marston's book, Liberated String Quilts.
 I had quite a few 'strings' and scraps of reproduction fabrics and cut them into 7" pieces, sewed them together, and just kept on with sections until I had the size quilt I desired.
 I put the borders on like you see on antique quilts sometimes - both borders sewn on together without mitering, so you have the inner border go out in the outer border. I like the look for a change!
Here is my scrappy back - as usual - with even a pieced sleeve at the top. A fun quilt and a great way to use up strips.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Quilt 21 - Going in Circles!

It is March and I'm getting a little behind on my 'numbers' but this is a true UFO. I began this quilt in a class last year with Carol Taylor and when I got home, I set it aside.
 But now it is finished with circular quilting.
 I am pleased with the bright colors, but I need more practice on sewing curves to keep the puffiness out. Maybe I'll try another one some day!
And of course, the back! I always like interesting backs! Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Quilt 20 - Kaleidoscope 2

 I made this quilt in the nineties and had quite a lot of fabrics left over.
 In fact, already cut, ready for another quilt!
 I shaded them around and came up with the quilt below.
 I only had about 4 triangles left that would not fit. I tried being 'artsy' with the side borders. Not sure it worked but I did it anyway!
 Here is a close-up of the swirls for the quilting. . .and border. . .
and more scrap fabrics for the back! Even the binding was left from the nautical quilt in January which I think just gave a great finish.