Monday, September 30, 2013

Week Thirteen - Quilt Ten!

In March of 2010, I took a class from Laura Wasilowski. I had admired her work, hand-dyed fabrics, threads and books for years so it was fun to get to take an actual class. The above is my completed quilt - 2 1/2 years later.
This is a sample she had in her class of how things could go.
Another cool quilt of Laura's!
An interesting background!
This is the one I chose to do.
Here is Laura as she is teaching - lots of fun and her quilts are so colorful and FUSED!!
My friend, Ille, working on her block.
and friend, Margaret, working also.
So I get home and this is what I have. . .not much but some floating houses with way too many little bonded pieces. I somehow missed something as she was teaching. Finally one day last week, I pulled it all out, pulled the houses off and removed the roofs, etc, as they were just "tacky bonded" and I began to play around with my fabrics.
In just a short time, this became my 'finished' piece, or so I thought. I love to watch the birds so made the large house a bird house but, what, no birds? I free-hand cut a little (big) redbird, perched him on a roof, and said it was completed.
I just quilted it in swirls with a variegated thread and called it 'done'!!
Here is the back with my Chicago School of Fusing Label given by Laura and even fused binding - how easy is that?? Why did it take me so long?? 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Week Twelve - Quilt Nine - Improvisational Table Runner

 I began with some scraps from my Fall Tablecloth of last year. . .
 and pulled a few more from the scrap basket that just might go . . .
 and here is the finished quilt! An improvisationally made table runner, which actually sits on an old sewing machine table from many years ago.
Here is a little close-up. For more details, see the post on my blog, Quilting by Judith. Such fun to make and not know the outcome until it is finished!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Week Eleven - Quilt Eight - Evelyn's Album - SBOW 2013

 It's finished!! Yay! I really did enjoy stitching this quilt but as with all others, there's nothing like putting the final stitch in the binding and knowing it is completed.
 These are hand-dyed wool fabrics for the appliqué on flannel - a SBOW from Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop last year. It can still be purchased as a kit, I believe. 
 All the appliqué is SID (stitched in the ditch) and a small stipple in the background, with feathers all around the six hearts.
 Swirls in the borders.
Just another pretty block! Lisa Bongean does a great job of designing quilts! I'm looking forward to some improvisational quilting on a small table runner this coming week.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Week Ten - 0 Quilts - First Birthday Party Instead!

Well, again, no quilts this week BUT we had a really memorable birthday party for Lacey so here's a couple of pictures. More quilting coming next week! 

 Nana did make her dress for the party.
Momma made her cake and lots of cupcakes!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Week Nine - Quilt Seven - Sue's Quilt!

Okay, I confess I did NOT make this quilt but I spent several days quilting it so I will count it this week. It was made for a very special friend, thus a painted design with great significance to each circle. I wanted it to be especially beautiful and there was a lot of quilting space so I covered the quilt in feathers and the center in paisleys. 
 The center circles are painted then appliquéd on.
 One of four blank batik blocks, filled with feathers.
 This is the center medallion and focus of the quilt. Beautifully done by the maker.
 Just another angle.
 There were ten of these pieced blocks surrounding the quilt center.
 This is a corner of the back of the quilt. Since I quilted in purple on the purple border and triangle insets, it showed really well on the back of the quilt. Yikes (for me).
Another view of the back.
Somehow I managed to NOT get a full picture of the quilt completed but this shows a fourth of it before quilting. Quite a challenge for me but Sue is happy with it!