Monday, November 4, 2013

Week Eighteen - Quilt Fifteen - Proton Quilt!

When my husband was treated for prostate cancer this spring in Jacksonville, Florida, he was a patient at the University of Florida Proton Therapy Institute. They had art classes for children and adults alike and I spoke to the art teacher about quilting. As it turned out, I met two other quilters that helped some patients and family members make quilt blocks. All this began just as I was leaving.
This is the second quilt that has been made and I was happy to be able to quilt it for them. Brenda from Tennessee put the blocks together and sent it to me for the quilting and binding.
Many of these blocks were hand sewn as they could not have machines down on the main floor. I think it turned out so pretty and Brenda did a great job putting the blocks together and adding the border also.
I mailed the quilt this week and from what I understand, it will be hung in the center for others to view, and as patients come back for check-ups later on, they can see the quilt that they participated in making.

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