Monday, September 30, 2013

Week Thirteen - Quilt Ten!

In March of 2010, I took a class from Laura Wasilowski. I had admired her work, hand-dyed fabrics, threads and books for years so it was fun to get to take an actual class. The above is my completed quilt - 2 1/2 years later.
This is a sample she had in her class of how things could go.
Another cool quilt of Laura's!
An interesting background!
This is the one I chose to do.
Here is Laura as she is teaching - lots of fun and her quilts are so colorful and FUSED!!
My friend, Ille, working on her block.
and friend, Margaret, working also.
So I get home and this is what I have. . .not much but some floating houses with way too many little bonded pieces. I somehow missed something as she was teaching. Finally one day last week, I pulled it all out, pulled the houses off and removed the roofs, etc, as they were just "tacky bonded" and I began to play around with my fabrics.
In just a short time, this became my 'finished' piece, or so I thought. I love to watch the birds so made the large house a bird house but, what, no birds? I free-hand cut a little (big) redbird, perched him on a roof, and said it was completed.
I just quilted it in swirls with a variegated thread and called it 'done'!!
Here is the back with my Chicago School of Fusing Label given by Laura and even fused binding - how easy is that?? Why did it take me so long?? 

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