Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Quilt 24 - Construction Quilt 2

It's been a year now since I began this blog to see how many quilts I could get done and reduce my stash. I did not make a quilt a week but I have completed 23 quilts. One of the quilts listed took about a week but it was strictly quilting for someone else.

So, has my stash been reduced in size? It does not look like it from my closest picture, yet it must have been because of the finished quilts. I have made and shared several quilts with others which was one of my goals. I will continue to work on the stash this coming year and keep posting!
I have started some more projects and bought more fabric. An endless cycle I guess but this blog helps me keep up with what I have done and that is good.

Here is the most recent quilt.
 It is the second "Construction Quilt" - quilted a little differently and I pieced the back with leftover flannels I had from some other quilts. Just barely had enough but it will make a soft warm back.

I also went back to sewing my binding first by machine then by hand. I just can't seem to master the all machine binding yet. Maybe I'll give it another try some day.

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