Monday, August 4, 2014

Quilts 25 - 29! Charity Quilts!

 These are scraps left from Under the Big Top that I made last summer for a great nephew.
 This is a charity quilt and I also have learned a neat way to sew the binding on entirely by machine. 
Here is a close up!!
 These are leftover pieces from the Chevron quilt I made for another great nephew earlier this year.
 What shall I do??
 I am pretty fond of strippy quilts so I started putting pieces in rows, cutting up a few larger pieces and all of a sudden I had a cool finished quilt!
 I am afraid my binding stretched the edges a little. 
I like this basket weave pantograph for this quilt, giving it a contemporary feel to go along with the colors.
And here is another machine sewn binding!
 I used the above pattern for the next three quilts. So quick and easy and cool results!
 Again, leftover fabrics from a quilt I made last year. Isn't it amazing how much fabric is leftover sometimes, even from a kit?!
 Another machine sewn binding. . .
 more details. . .
and, a pieced back - just happened to have these fabrics in the closet, waiting for a use.
 This began with a pile of scraps as I was cleaning out my closet and giving fabric away a couple of weeks ago.
 I began pressing it, cutting it up in rectangles, added some fun polka dots and bright fabrics and all of a sudden I had two more baby quilts made.
 I used swirls on both of them - one a pantograph and one freehand. The above quilt binding was a bright turquoise.
 I did buy this cool backing drastically reduced at a quilt shop as I realized the colors were perfect for these quilt tops in the making.
 Looks like this is the pantograph!
 Finished with a binding of sunflowers like the back!

Back two! Whew, I think I'll take a break and rest!

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  1. Great quilts. Looks like you have that machine sewn binding all figured out.