Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Impossible Goals?

  • Is it really possible for me to make a quilt a week? 
  • Or FINISH a quilt a week from my UFO pile?
  • Or begin a new quilt, bind it and do all of this in a week?
  • Or, quilt some of the lovely antique quilt tops from family?

Well, I know it is possible if I use my time wisely and work towards this goal and stay focused. This idea began recently when we had guests over for dinner and the ladies wanted to see my longarm quilting machine, so up the stairs we went and I gladly showed them my fairly organized sewing room. All was going well until my husband decided to OPEN the CLOSET door which holds all my fabric!!!
  Uh-oh - I had been found out. My secret was out in the open! What used to be very organized, color coordinated and sorted by collections or "quilts in the making" was now a large jumbled mess - along with plastic shoe box containers holding even more projects, not to mention the large plastic containers on the floor holding leftovers from many quilts, organized together, waiting for a 'creative' quilt to be made with what was left. Oh, and few tote bags in the floor holding even more fabric.
I did not even try to explain - I just smiled. I will say, I've been quilting for over 30 years, made over 200 quilts and collected a lot of fabric, often with a specific quilt in mind.  So now what am I doing? Deciding to begin a new blog about getting control of my stash. 

I had an email from American Quilter which told of a lady who has NO stash. How can that be?? I have made many quilts, only from my stash!! Well, it HAS happened but often I end up buying more fabric to go with the stash. Or just think how much fabric we have leftover from excess backing fabrics?

So, this blog is to see if I can accomplish my goal of a 'quilt a week', share my pictures and give my thoughts on the stash reduction.........and what to do with the quilts I make. Seriously, I want to be able to share more of my quilts with others, whether through a local or national charity or a gift to someone. I don't want to leave this closet full of fabric when I die when it could have been made into quilts for others to use and enjoy!

Happy Stitching! I'd love to hear from you if you are trying to reduce your stash or finish a quilt a week, or finish UFOs in general. I could visit your blog and add your link to my sidebar!! Please leave a comment or email me!

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