Monday, July 29, 2013

Week Four - Quilt Four - Under the Big Top!

 Now this quilt was totally made in the past week. In fact, I think I began it last Thursday, but as you can see, it is quick and easy and the fabric makes the quilt. I even put a very simple quilt design so as not to take away from the Circus! 
I bought the fabrics at Intown Quilters in Decatur, GA, and the pattern is free from Blend Fabrics. Intown had some kits made up with the pink fabrics but this quilt is for a great nephew to be born in August so I wanted the blue and greens. Here is the link to the pattern, Bailey. Really was fun and easy! So, that's my quilt for this week!

Lest you think I have lots of quilt tops all made up to quilt or bind - I don't. I only have one left to bind and one completed top to quilt and that is it. I'll be 'on my own' to produce more quilts quickly. I'm excited with my challenge and hope you come back to see how the quilts are coming along!

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  1. I thought I was ambitious to try to finish a quilt each month! good luck!